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Meet the Staff: Maritza Lynch

Maritza has been an uplifting force in our community since 2018. She is never without a smile and a giggle. During COVID, her vocal expertise and online classes took many singers to greater heights.

Maritza worked expertly with Lisa in Summit for three years and is now paired, as the dynamic duo, with Travis Branam. Maritza brings insight and thoughtfulness to everything she does. We are so lucky to have her enriching the lives of our singers and our staff.

Maritza is from Lima, Peru. She received her BA in Music Education from the National Conservatory of Lima, and her MA in Linguistically Diverse Education from Regis University Denver- Colorado. She is the former Creator and Director of the Peruvian Chinese Choir in Lima and the former Director of Aplausos de Colorado Children’s Chorale.

Maritza is currently teaching at Academia Ana Maria Sandoval Elementary school in Denver Public Schools. She participated in several Conducting Master classes in Germany, Minneapolis, and Argentina as well as participating in Master classes led by Werner Pfaff creator of Studio Vocale Karlsruhe. She has several years of experience teaching chorus and Band in the public school and absolutely loves sharing and making music with her students. Maritza currently sings and is the assistant conductor in Christ in the Mountain Choir.

“I am proud to be part of the Denver Children’s Choir community. Being one of Summit’s conductors gives me the opportunity to share collaborative leadership and creative energy as a musician, teacher, and guide to our diverse community. Coming from abroad, I have the opportunity to offer a new musical perspective from around the world. In every rehearsal my goal is to create an inclusive, loving, and supporting environment for my students that helps them to bring out their best as young musicians and as human beings.” – Maritza

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