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Meet the Staff: Mercedes Campana

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It is my pleasure to talk about Mercedes Campana. I have known her for 33 years as I am her proud mother. Merce’s favorite composer as a youth was Mozart. She watched Amadeus hundreds of times and was singing the “Queen of the Night” aria from The Magic Flute when she was 5 years old.

Merce was a charter member of the Rocky Mountain Children’s Choir’s Alpine ensemble when we opened fall of 1996 at 7 years old. The following year she was promoted to Summit, which was our mixed high school ensemble back then.

Flash forward to the present. Merce has arranged dozens of songs for the DCC. Last spring we performed 3 of her arrangements for our Harmony of Children spring concert. The Fourteeners, Kol Nashim, and Impromptu performed her original composition, Mother Earth for the “Sing Out for SafeHouse!” concert in 2017.

Merce has accompanied numerous DCC ensembles and is one of the primary conductors for our Fourteeners and Mountain Aires. She brings a fresh view with many innovative ideas to the musical staff. We all have much to learn from her vast knowledge about world music and music theory.

Merce is passionate about the Denver Children’s Choir and musical excellence. We are very lucky to have her on staff and in our lives.
– Lisa Cameron, Music Director

“Growing up, my sisters and I always referred to the choir as our church: our community, our friend network, and our spiritual realization.

The Denver Children’s choir has meant so much more to me than just music over the years. Some of my most wonderful friendships today were forged at the choir as a child, and I feel privileged to facilitate future connections today. I absolutely love going to work!”

– Mercedes Campana

Read more about Merce here.

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