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Our DEI Statement

At the Denver Children’s Choir, music serves as a bridge that connects diverse communities, transcends cultural barriers, and fosters connection among our singers. Our approach emphasizes spiral learning, encouraging curiosity and expansive thinking as we immerse ourselves in the rich tapestry of musical cultures from around the globe.

Within our caring and supportive environment, children from different neighborhoods and backgrounds come together to experience the transformative power of music. Collaborative singing experiences not only broaden their artistic horizons but also enhance their capacity for empathy and compassion. Excellence is paramount in all our endeavors, as we provide our singers with the highest quality musical education while nurturing a sense of belonging within our choir community.

Families witness firsthand the impact of music as they see their children perform, envisioning the limitless possibilities for their futures. Our choir is more than a musical ensemble; it is a community dedicated to using music as a catalyst for social change and cultural celebration. Together, we embrace the diversity of our city and empower the next generation to create a more harmonious, equitable, and inclusive world through the shared experience of music.

Approved March 21, 2024 by the DCC Board of Directors