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School Choir Program

At the Denver Children’s Choir, we believe that music can make a positive difference in the lives of children.  Our comprehensive choral music education program brings Denver area children of all ages together in a nurturing and inclusive environment.

Since 1996 we have intentionally and persistently sought Denver children from all walks of life to be a part of our program: children from different cultures, races, and religions; children who speak different languages and children from different neighborhoods; children who, if not for the Choir, would not have known each other.

Children in the Choir learn about music from around the world, a healthy vocal technique and how to sing in many different styles, and the language of reading music. But more importantly, through the act of harmonizing with one another, they learn to appreciate and respect those things that make each of us unique; the things which make our incredible city of Denver so vibrant.

Our School Choir Program gives children in underserved DPS schools access to high quality choral training for the beginning singer. Students learn how to sing, read music, and perform. Concerts are given for their home school, in collaboration with complementary DCC School Programs, and with the core ensembles of the DCC. All School Choir Programs are led by one of our excellent, qualified conductors and an accompanist.

Should your school be interested in hiring our committed and competent staff to teach choral music at your school, please complete this form: DCC SCHOOL PROGRAM APPLICATION