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Summit Camp 2022

In early September, DCC’s Summit singers had their first retreat in TWO YEARS at beautiful Camp Eden outside of Black Hawk. In addition to getting a great head-start on this year’s music, these singers got to play games like ping pong and air hockey, participate in team-building activities, roast marshmallows and eat s’mores, AND play HUMAN FOOSBALL! ?

And last but not least, they put on an amazing talent show that featured everything from eye-popping magic tricks, mind-blowing rap skills, yodeling, and MORE!

Through music, food, and fun, this group bonded in ways that our audiences will be able to sense and feel. But most importantly, they bonded in ways that THEY will be able to sense and feel as they dive deeper into their efforts to hone their musical skills and be a part of something special at the DCC.

Click on the gallery above to enjoy some pictures taken by our amazing chaperones at camp. Here’s to the Summit Squad, and to the harmony they’ll create and feel together…this year and beyond!

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