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Supporter Focus: Kristin Merolla

We recently got in touch with Kristin (Bush) Merolla, who sang in the choir in our first season.* Kristin is a monthly donor, and shares her memories of the DCC and reasons for supporting.

By day, Kristin is Senior Manager of Enablement and Engagement at OpenTable (online reservations at more than 60K restaurants worldwide). Along with her team, Kristin is responsible for providing the education and training resources for OpenTable’s global sales and services teams.

* The Denver Children’s Choir (DCC) was formerly called the Rocky Mountain Children’s Choir (RMCC) when Kristin was a member. Established in 1995, our first season was 1996.

What were the exact years you were involved in the choir, and how old were you?
Fall 1996 through Spring 2000 – I joined when I was 14 and stayed through most of high school.

What are you up to now? Any musical connections?
I still live in Denver with my husband and son. As a native; it’s hard to imagine living anywhere other than Colorado. I joined an adult choir prior to the COVID pandemic but unfortunately the group disbanded. Even though it was brief; it was a great reminder how important singing is to my life. While I don’t participate in anything formal now; I was fortunate to continue my “career” in singing well past RMCC, singing all the way through college. Now, I sing nursery rhymes with my toddler.

What is your favorite (non-DCC) memory of Thanksgiving?
As a “newer” mom, my son turned 3 this past summer, both the changing of the seasons and holidays have taken on new meaning. It’s so special to watch him enjoying these simple moments and incorporating all of my favorite traditions and finding news ones too! Everything is all the more magical through his eyes.

What was your favorite part of the DCC?
I have many fond memories of choir, all of which hinge around the people. From the other kids in the choirs, to the pianist, and Lisa… the people made the experience.

What do you think is the most important thing the DCC does?
The gift of music is very special. The more children that get the opportunity to enjoy music in one way or another, the better!

In what ways did the DCC impact you?
The community of the DCC made an impact on me. I know I’ll seek similar community missions for my own son later in his life.

Finally, why did you decide to be a monthly donor to the DCC?
It was actually during the pandemic and a result of an alumni fundraising effort. I was reminded of all of my fond memories and am fortunate to be in a position today to support the choir on a monthly basis. It’s truly my pleasure.

Anything else you’d like to add?
Thank you for featuring me ❤️

Interested in joining Kristin as a monthly donor?
Click here to join Kristin and support the DCC year-round. Every little bit helps: your $5 a month contribution (just one specialty coffee a month) could provide snacks for one neighborhood choir location. $15 a month (your Netflix subscription) could provide a bus for a neighborhood choir to our annual concert. Join our growing list of monthly supporters today!